Gnocchi på bönor

Today I promised to make my blogpost in English. So here it comes..

I really love gnocchi, that you first boil and then fry a bit to get a crispy outside. Most of the time I’m lazy and buy it, but it’s so crazy easy to do.

It can be made with potato of course, sweet potato or different beans, and that’s what I did here.

So this is how I did:

Mix 2 cans of white beans with a hand mixer. Add a little pinch of salt and flour until you have a consistent that you can form. Form it to long lines that you cut into pieces. Don’t make them to thick and big. It tastes better when they get small and crunchy I think.

Then you boil them until they float up to the surface. Put them over in a frying pan with olive oil and fry them until they have a crunchy outside.

How you serve them is just up to your imagination. Everything from greens to tomato sauce to some grilled vegetables to whatever is on your mind works!


This is so much quicker than to do it with potatoes and you get a lot of extra proteins from the beans.

I will see if it kid proof also but today Max ate earlier so he hasn’t said his words yet.

But try it and surprise yourself how easy it is to make gnocchi. By the way, did you all know it’s pronounced njocki??

Love ❤️


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